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Georgetown Engages Latin America

With its academic strengths, Washington, D.C., location, Jesuit values, and regional networks, Georgetown is a leading U.S. university engaged in Latin America. Faculty and students across research and teaching programs engage critical challenges facing the region, including economic growth and innovation, governance and the rule of law, social and cultural cohesion, and hemispheric relations.


Young Leaders Facing The Challenge of Management

Young Leaders Facing The Challenge of Management Event

Different electoral processes have taken place in 2020 and 2021 throughout the region. Several LALP alumni are now part of those new public officials who have taken oaths to work for their cities, municipalities, and countries, designing and implementing public policies that benefit the region. At…


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The Americas in Times of COVID-19

The Georgetown Journal of International Law (GJIL) and Center for the Advancement of Law in the Americas (CAROLA) invite students to submit notes analyzing a specific challenge that is emerging from the pandemic and suggesting possible solutions. The deadline is August 30, 2021.

Professor Katherine M. Donato Co-authors Article on Climate Migrants

Professor Katherine M. Donato, director of the Institute for the Study of International Migration, recently co-wrote for The Conversation on climate migrants, discussing the need for immigration and refugee laws to adapt to the growing number of migrants who have been affected by climate change.