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Georgetown Engages Latin America

With its academic strengths, Washington, D.C., location, Jesuit values, and regional networks, Georgetown is a leading U.S. university engaged in Latin America. Faculty and students across research and teaching programs engage critical challenges facing the region, including economic growth and innovation, governance and the rule of law, social and cultural cohesion, and hemispheric relations.


Panelists of the webinar Rebuilding Latin America from the Inside

Rebuilding Latin America From the Inside Event

The COVID-19 crisis has affected the world in unprecedented ways for more than one year, stretching thin the resources of both the public and private sectors and exposing the long-standing tensions and growing edges of political and economic models. Latin America, in particular, has seen much of its…


Professor Michael Reed-Hurtado Authors Article on "Los Falsos Positivos"

CLAS Professor Michael Reed-Hurtado published a piece on the 6,402 civilians killed and falsely passed off as combatants by the Colombian military during civil conflicts between 2002 and 2008. The article examines the path forward and the difficulties of obtaining justice for those killed.