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Georgetown Engages Latin America

With its academic strengths, Washington, D.C., location, Jesuit values, and regional networks, Georgetown is a leading U.S. university engaged in Latin America. Faculty and students across research and teaching programs engage critical challenges facing the region, including economic growth and innovation, governance and the rule of law, social and cultural cohesion, and hemispheric relations.



Bringing Hope to the Region, a Podcast with Professor Ricardo Ernst

Bringing hope to the region, "Latin America’s Best Hope: Focus on Internal Strengths," an Altamar Podcast with Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Professor and Latin America Leadership Program Executive Director.

According to Ernst, closer intra-regional ties and public-private partnerships will be key for Latin America’s success: “We are over 620 million people and the time has come to start thinking more as a region and not so much as isolated countries… Let the private sector get more and more involved in the public arena – that is the first step.”

Bilingual Map Traces Impact of COVID-19 on Latin America

Designed by faculty and students in the Center for Latin American Studies, the map shares developments throughout the region during this time of pandemic in the areas of governance and the rule of law, economic growth and innovation, and social and cultural inclusion.